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YUNDA has been created in 2015 by professional from the finance industry and from the technology space. The mix of both profiles helps us to build a unique solution.

Our company is offering services and solution to companies in all industries facing challenges to integrate data between system. Complex and expensive solutions are usually used. Our innovative approach and our key partnership enables our client to get back on control on their data using a simple and extremely performing solution.

We are committed to deliver high class product with a unique "Maximum Features, Maximum Performance and Maximum Scalability' philosophy.

YUNDA Data Accelerator provides a complete integration solution:

  • Rich data capture connectivity.
  • Complete reporting solution with scheduler task.
  • Unlimited scalability, you can scale as per your business requirement.
  • High performance (YUNDA is using advanced algorithm).
  • An open model allowing easy extension.
  • Cloud enable.



YUNDA Data Accelerator

Any company needs to automate data flows. Our innovative solution can bring all your data integrated in a simple and efficient way. Using YUNDA Data Accelerator, you can reduce implementation costs by 50%, reduce by 3 to 4 times the market preparation time. Using YUNDA Data Accelerator, eliminate all hidden costs (no need to buy additional expensive software licenses from third parties).

A complete solution including:

  • Intelligent Data Connectivity (IDC)
  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Data Query
  • Word template and automatic generation
  • Full Reporting capabilities
  • Scheduler task




Any company needs to extract and build specific reports for either internal or client usage. Our expert team can help you to get in control of your data.



Not all companies are ready to invest on resources to help them to get the most of their data. Our company can provides on demand qualified resources to help you.

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